Renewing MoU with UME

17 Dec 2016
Renewing MoU with UME

The new MoU aims at enhenancing  cooperation i between GULFMET and UME in the field of metrology and metrology-related activitie.

the scope of cooperation include such areas as:

  1. UME experts participating in GSO/GULFMET Technical Committees;
  2. Technical assistance and consultation;
  3. Conducting joint research projects; (e.g. Pilot study on Measurement comparisons);
  4. Exchange of researchers;
  5. Exchange of technical information; Participation of seminars, workshops and training courses in each other’s Party;
  6. Exchange of assessors and technical experts in various fields of metrology;
  7. Improvement of the measurement capabilities of GSO/GULFMET members through, for example, conducting mutual comparisons in areas needed by GSO/GULFMET and agreed by UME(e.g. thermometry, electricity);
  8. Improvement of Quality Management System (QMS) of GSO/ GULFMET’s NMIs/DIs through peer evaluation and QMS review;
  9. Other activities as may be agreed upon
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