World Metrology Day

20 May 2018
World Metrology Day

The Gulf Association for Metrology (GULFMET) is participating in the celebration of World Metrology Day, which falls on 20 May each year, and is celebrated this year under the slogan " Constant evolution The International System of Units (SI Unit)".

On this occasion, We would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all those working in the National Standardization bodies of Member States in general, and especially those working in the field of metrology, emphasizing the role of metrology in various aspects of everyday life, especially the International Unit System “SI Units”.

The International System of Units (SI) is the set of accepted units for all measurement applications worldwide. Since “SI” was given a name almost 60 years ago, it has been agreed that improvements will be made whenever possible to take advantage of scientific progress in measurement techniques and to fulfill New requirements in the field of measurement.

It is expected that in November 2018, the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) will agree on one of the most significant changes to the international system of units (SI), which will depend on a set of definitions related to all laws of physics, a historical change towards the use of the laws of nature in the definitions will terminate the link between the (SI) system, and the physical artefacts.

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