The 2nd GCC Metrology Forum ( Dec. 4-6, 2017)

The 2nd GCC Metrology Forum ( Dec. 4-6, 2017)
December 04, 2017

The current economic situation and uncertainties in energy prices present a great challenge for the GCC decision makers. This is a golden time to lay the ground work for sustainable resource management that will augment the GCC energy goals to be supported and optimized for maximum benefits to the region.

After a successful the First GCC metrology Forum on December 2015 which reflected positively on the GCC metrology sector a collective need for upgrading the metrology infrastructure was seen as eminent. The focus for The Second Gulf Metrology Forum (2nd GMF) this year is to compliment the efforts exerted by the GCC countries in the energy field.

The measurement infrastructure are seen as a necessary step towards implementing the efficient use of resources and reduction of reliance on fossil fuel and at the same time reduction of green gas emissions.

GOIC through its close scrutiny of the industries foresees a bigger role can be played by metrology in the GCC energy sector focusing on the new technologies in the various energy fields.

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