State of Kuwait

State of Kuwait is a sovereign emirate, situated on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It stands bordered by Saudi Arabia in the south and Iraq in the north and west. Kuwait comprises of nine islands, where it exercises sovereignty, namely Auhha, Bubiyan, Failaka, Kubbar, Miskan, Umm Al-Maradim, Umm Al-Naml, Qaruh and Warba. Of these, Bubiyan is the largest one and Failaka is the most populous one. Kuwait is spread over an area of approximately 18,000 sq km of land, majority of which comprises of oil rich desert. This is the reason why the country has a total of less than 300 species of native flowering plants.

Metrological System in Kuwait:


Public Authority for industry (PAI) which hold the metrological institution in Kuwait is the one that is responsible for establishing and implementing metrology system in Kuwait.

Because of that (PAI) manage to sign many mutual agreements with several countries and also join specialized organizations that are related to metrology regionally and internationally like (ISO, AIDMO, OIML, etc...), in addition to that PAI has reached the final step of signing the meter convention agreement as a full member

In addition Kuwait is in the process of applying the gulf general legislation of metrology which will control the measurement via wide the country, beside of that there is an internal law of metrology that specify and arrange the metrological activities as follows

  • Provide and maintain the required National Measurement Standards by the (NMI)

  • To keep the unbroken chain of traceability of the national measurement standards by participating to the inter-laboratory comparisons programs.

  • Ensure that the legal metrological activities are controlled inside the state, and issue the calibration certificates for measuring instrument.

  • Keep tracing and implementing the activities of the science and industrial metrology.

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Metrological System in Kuwait:

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