Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs)

Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) are developed by GULFMET National Metrology institutes (NMIs) and submitted for first-stage review by relevant GULFMET TC. (intra-regional review).

 Once this review process has been completed, the relevant GULFMET TC. submits the CMCs to a second-stage inter-regional peer-review process.

Technical review


The GULFMET TC shall review the submitted CMCs for consistency with relevant information such as:


-  Results of key and supplementary comparisons.

- Documented results of past CC, RMO or other comparisons (including bilateral).

- Knowledge of technical activities by other NMIs, including publications.

-  On-site peer assessment reports.

-  Active participation in RMO projects.

-  Other available knowledge and experience.

Intra regional review

CMCs shall be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Technical Committee within GULFMET  as per shown figure.

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