About Legal Metrology

Legal Metrology is that part of metrology which is subject to legal/regulatory control. It is defined in the International Vocabulary of Legal Metrology as that part of metrology relating to activities which result from statutory requirements and concern measurement, units of measurement, measuring instruments and methods of measurement and which are performed by competent bodies.

Legal metrology provides regulations for the control of measurements and measuring instruments. Legal metrology provides protection of public safety, the environment, consumers, traders and is critical to fair trade.

How Metrology contributes to the protection of consumer and environment health and safety

1) In the field of health

The rapid scientific and technological developments in the field of innovation of diagnosis systems and medical treatment created urgent need and demand for all countries to develop their infrastructure in the field of metrology to serves the medical sector to satisfy the growing needs for highly reliable and credible systems for inspection, tests, diagnosis and treatment.

Access to the above requires approved standards of measurement and traceability data that supports safety and effectiveness of medical appliances used during phases of diagnosis and treatment.

BIPM provides the services of comparison and calibration in the field of radiology to national measures institutes all over the world, in addition to WHO and IAEA. These services help support accurate and effective diagnosis of treatment for about seven million patients who are subject to radiological treatment per annum, in addition to 33 million cases that will be diagnosed by nuclear medicine, and above (360) million cases to be diagnosed by X-Ray. In addition, we will control observing about (11) million persons who work on rays to prevent them against overdoses of rays.

2) In the field of safety

Our safety depends on the measures personnel proficiency of their works. In fact, the accurate measurements that can be applied and that are internationally acceptable have become necessary in our modern world. To reach this end and to build the capacities that can carry out accurate and reliable measurements, there shall be national measurement system that depends on national measurement standards with highly technical properties through which the measurement units can be disseminated to the remaining instruments and tools of measurement in way that ensures performance of accurate and compatible measurements with international practices.

"Safety on road" is an example; about 1.5 million persons all over the world died annually through accidents on roads.

3) In the field of environment

The importance of environment lies in the importance of our presence in the best condition. Any change to the environment will affect all of us. It is believed that the current activities of man may negatively impact environment. Therefore, we are in need, more than any time before to measures in our environment to help us report the environmental changes and define their future impacts on the living organisms.

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