Associate Members

Associate Members


The membership is limited to GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) Member States. States that are not members of the GSO may join GULFMET as Associate Members for an annual fee decided by GSO.



  1. Associate Members may terminate their membership at any time by notifying the GULFMET  Secretariat not less than three months in advance of the intended date of termination.
  2. The Associate Member will be released from its obligations from the date of notification of approval of membership termination.


GULFMET Associate Members are:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Egypt,
  • Turkey,
  • South Korea, and
  • Hong Kong.


Associate Members Rights:

  • Opportunity to Participate and attend GULFMET and its TCs meetings with the right to elect and vote on the decisions of GULFMET TCs only.
  • Opportunity to participate in technical events funded by GULFMET.
  • Opportunity to participate in the intercomparison programs (ILCs), CMCs and QMS review, and the opportunity to publish their CMCs through GULFMET.
  • Opportunity to host the GULFMET meetings and events.
  • Opportunity to receive all technical information related to TCs activities.
  • Opportunity to participate in training provided by GULFMET.


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