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President Message

President Message

Saleh Al Rumaihi

It is my great pleasure to communicate with you through GULFMET website which has been renovated to cope with the progress that has been made since the establishment of GULFMET in June 2010.

In this occasion, I would like to thank in particular the GCC standardization Organization (GSO) for the sincere efforts in taking this important initiative to create and host GULFMET with a view to encouraging cooperation and exchange of expertise among  GCC countries in the area of metrology.

GULFMET took significant steps in establishing its infrastructure and building its technical capabilities in order to demonstrate sound competency required for its International recognition as an RMO within the meaning of CIPM MRA.

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GULFMET Week Events ...

Location : video conference


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Latest News

World Metrology Day...
20 May 2020

World Metrology Day...

The Gulf Metrology Association (GULFMET) and other similar organizations and metrology institutions in the world celebr...

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Technical Assistance  program to SASO- NMCC ...
21 Jan 2020

Technical Assistance program to SASO- NMCC ...

Dr. Hiroaki Kajikawa of NMIJ / Japan will visit NMCC-SASO on the week of January 27-31, 202 to provide technical assista...

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APMP on-site peer-review of SASO NMCC...
09 Dec 2019

APMP on-site peer-review of SASO NMCC...

The Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) has conducted the on-site peer review for SASO - NMCC during the periods 8 -...

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Inter Laboratory Comparison (ILC)

Quality Management System(QMS)


eGulfMet - Issue #2
15 Jun 2016

As a president of GulfMet perhaps this is the last time that I will be talking to you via this issue of eGulfMet. We have been together for almost 6 y...

eGulfMet - Issue #2


eGulfMet - Issue #1
15 Mar 2016

Regional Metrology Organizations (RMO) such as GulfMet is a venue, for cooperation among national metrology institutes and designated institutes. In r...

eGulfMet - Issue #1


Upcoming Training's

Oct 12, 2020
Training Workshop on Smart Meters...
The training course on Smart Electricity Meter is aimed specifically at training trainers who will lead the development of knowledge and skills of verification officers and the establishment of uniform understa... Read More
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