Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Metrology System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The National Measurement and Calibration Center "NMCC

Participating and assistance in the activities of measurement and calibration nationally, semi-regionally, regionally and internationally as a representative of KSA government e. g. :

NMCC was established in 1986 as the reference level of measurement and calibration in the kingdom, and it is responsible for:

  • Custody and maintaining national, reference and working standards and verifying their accuracy when required.

  • Calibration of equipment and measurement standards at high standard of accuracy at the governmental and private bodies as well as for standards bodies of gulf cooperation council (GCC) states.

  • Consultation and cooperation with SASO departments and standard bodies of GCC states for preparing, reviewing standards and regulation to measurement and calibration.

  • Assisting by extending support as pertaining to measurement certification and laboratory accreditation according to (17025) standard.

  • Conduct seminars, training courses for personal working in the field of measure out and calibration in Saudi Arabia as well personal from the other GCC standards bodies and helping to access publication and information materials related to metrology.


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