Eng. Abdulellah AL Qarnas

Eng. Abdulelah Alqarnas
GULFMET Secretary  

The tasks and responsibilities of the GULFMET Secretariat are:

  1. Commitment to policy and strategy relating to GULFMET activities in Metrology.
  2. Preparation of drafts regulations, instructions, and guides relating to GULFMET activities in Metrology.
  3. Preparation of draft action plans including estimates of necessary funds, human resources, equipment, time and objectives relating to GULFMET . Preparation for meetings of the GULFMET and preparation and distribution of documents of the meeting in advance.
  4. Performing all correspondence relating to GULFMET .
  5. Coordination among Member States of GULFMET .
  6. Preparation of reports on the activities relating to GULFMET .
  7. Preparation of the agenda and minutes of meetings of the GULFMET meetings and distribute them to members
  8. .Follow-up GULFMET activities through the implementation of the decisions and recommendations adopted by the assembly of GULFMET in its meetings or via virtual meetings.
  9. Coordination among the GULFMET , GSO , committees, technical committees and other parties on activities relating to GULFMET .
  10. Providing information that would facilitate the GULFMET work in decision-making and appropriate recommendations.

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