BIPM e-learning platform expanded to allow GULFMET to publish their training material

15 Feb 2022
BIPM e-learning platform expanded to allow GULFMET to publish their training material

he BIPM has expanded its e-learning platform to allow GULFMET and other RMOs to publish their training material on the site, complementing the BIPM material. The aim of the BIPM e-learning platform is to facilitate online training and assistance to increase the effectiveness of the worldwide coordinated metrological system. 

This initiative will enable cross-RMO access to courses, increasing the suite of materials available and reducing the likelihood of developing duplicate material. Over time it will encourage the delivery of knowledge in a coordinated way, as well as facilitating joint development of courses.

The e-learning platform was launched in April 2021 with four courses related to the scientific activities of the BIPM and the CIPM MRA mechanisms. Since its launch, more than 400 metrologists from the global NMI and DI community have participated in the open and restricted access courses available on the platform. The platform is accessible around the clock and is optimized for desktop and handheld devices to provide learning support to metrologists as conveniently as possible.

Driven by the initial success of the platform, the BIPM explored the possibility of expanding its capabilities to host RMO e-learning material. The RMOs responded positively to this proposal and indicated their intention to join the initiative. This initiative meets the requirements outlined in the BIPM Strategic Plan (2018) which states “…To work towards a long-term integrated “training platform” shared between the BIPM and the RMOs…

The update was tailored to the needs of the RMOs, and the newly created ‘RMO Sectors’ allow them to appoint/assign their course creators, create courses and enroll participants, as well as generate reports on the e-learning courses.

Participation in this initiative requires the signing of a formal arrangement between the BIPM and RMOs to ensure the ongoing reliability of the e-learning platform and the publication of up-to-date material.

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