TC T (Thermometry)

The Technical Committee of Thermometry is concerned with all issues of measurement of

  • temperature,
  • humidity and moisture,

The GULFMET TC-T is responsible for carrying out the activities required by GULFMET as Regional Metrology Organization (RMO) for the fulfillment of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement CIPM-MRAIn particular, the following tasks:

a) Intra-RMO review and submission of the Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) of GULFMET Members and Associates

b) Inter-RMO review of CMCs of other RMOs

c) Proposal of RMO Key and Supplementary Comparisons and support of their conduct

Frequency of  Meetings

The GULFMET TC-T generally meets twice a year.

GULFMET TC- T Chairperson

Dr. Miltiadis Anagnostou  

Head of Temperature and Humidity Lab
Emirates Metrology Institute (EMI)

GULFMET TC-TSecretary 

Eng. Ahmed  Albreiki

Emirates Metrology Institute (EMI)

Dr. Miltiadis Anagnostou
Emirate Metrology Institute / EMI

GULFMET TC T Chairperson 

Eng. Ahmed Al Breiki
Emirate Metrology Institute / EMI

GULFMET TC T Secretary 

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