TC Legal

TC Legal

The Technical Committee of legal metrology is concerned with measuring instruments subject to legal control such as Scales, water meters, power meters, fuel dispensing pump weighing bridge blood pressure gauges…..etc.. )

The GULFMET TC legal is responsible for carrying out the activities required by GULFMET as Regional Legal Metrology Organization (RLMO) In particular, the following tasks:

  1. Harmonization of metrological legislation, which covers the following:
  • Legal units of measurement,

  • Technical regulations and standards for measuring instruments that cover metrological, technical, and administrative requirements.

  • Legal metrological control over measuring instruments subject to legal control.

  • Legal metrological control over prepackaged goods.

  • Monitor the manufacturer, importer, repairing, and selling of measuring instruments.

  • Metrological supervision and market survey procedures.

  • Metrological cost fees.

  1. Harmonization of control and inspection procedures for legal measurement instruments.

  1. Harmonization of registration /certification procedures (certification) for legal measurement tools.

  2. Harmonization of procedures for authorization /appointment (appointment) of inspection bodies for legal measurement tools.

  3. Follow up on the work and activities of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).

Eng. Amina Al Bastaki

Eng. Amina Al Bastaki

Ministery of industry and advanced technology

GULFMET TC Legal Chairperson

ُEng. Salam Al Heyari

ُEng. Salam Al Heyari

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC)

TC Legal  Secretary 

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