Kingdom of Bahrain

Metrological System in Kingdom of Bahrain

Under provision of Legislative Decree No. 16 of 1985, with respect to 'Standards and Metrology', Metrology activities started in Bahrain. Standards and Metrology Directorate (BSMD) established in 1988 and now the Directorate functions under the Ministry of Industry & Commerce and is governed by a National Committee for Standards & Metrology that is chaired by the minister, his Excellency Dr. Hassan Abdulla Fakroo and comprised of representatives of governmental authorities, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry and independent technical experts.
‏BSMD is responsible for Legal, Scientific and Industrial Metrology activities of kingdom of Bahrain. Various Metrology responsibilities and activities of the Directorate includes,

  • Legal metrology inspection and verification of Weights and Measures used in commercial transaction. All measurements related to trade and consumer protection, safety and health care, environmental protection and law and order, comes under the purview of legal metrology. BSMD's qualified inspectors verify annually, different types of weighing scales weights, meters and volumetric measures used in the markets and commercial stores, Jewelries, textiles traders, etc. which is about 3000 commercial registered organizations.
  • Industrial Calibration: With traceability to International Measurement Standards, BSMD Laboratory provides calibration of industrial weights, balances, weighing bridges, precision electronic weighing machines etc., to Bahrain industries, laboratories and quality concerned organization for meeting their quality system requirements. Bahrain's major industries, both public and private, such as BAPCO, ALBA, BAS, GPIC etc. seeks Calibration services from BSMD. The laboratory is also equipped for providing calibration services of other parameters such as pressure, volume and temperature measuring instruments.
  • Maintaining the National Measurement Standards and ensuring their international traceability. And establishing hierarchy and traceability of standards and their periodic calibration. Great emphasis is now focused towards establishing the National Metrology Laboratory, with highest level calibration and testing facilities in the whole country.
  • BSMD Associate in the preparation and issuance of specifications and regulations on legal metrology, and Metrology standards. BSMD hold memberships in International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).

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