Training Programs

Training Programs


Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer program focuses on strengthening the GULFMET technical capabilities and its’ TC’s by providing knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate TCs activities as well as those of NMI’s/ DI’s

This will enable GULFMET to enhance:

  • GULFMET Technical Capabilities and Effectiveness.
  • TC’s Technical Capabilities and Effectiveness.
  • NMI’s/DI’s Technical Competence.

Through effective use of its resources to:

  • Intensify engagement with established RMOs.
  • Expand GULFMET’s association membership.
  • Organize appropriate or targeted training for GULFMET TCs' members.
  • Support cooperation of the GULFMET’s NMI’s with internationally recognized NMI’s.

The GULFMET has started to utilize the facilities and the experience of its members in providing training. 


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